Amongst available pices of technology, chose one to fit into the existing puzzle or replace another piece is a real headache :

  • is it compatible with the the puzzle?
  • does it fluidify the customer journey?
  • does it solve friction points?
  • does it help increase the hotel’s revenue?
  • does it ease the staff in their daily tasks?
  • etc...

But above all is it reasonable in the state of my current IT infrastructure? of my staff? of my product?

These are sample questions that an experienced consultant can help you answer precisely because what works for your colleague may not work for you and vice versa ...

We offer several types of intervention for independent hoteliers & small groups

One hour [1] of telephone consultation:

For a quick point on:

  • your current technology,
  • your wishes,
  • your strategic project
  • or simply to answer your questions about technology and / or distribution.

150 € plus VAT

One day [2]customized in your property:

With the objectives of:

  • to identify the tools in place,
  • listen to the needs,
  • suggérer technological strategies,
  • submit within 7 days after the intervention a written report with the mentioned tracks,
  • one hour of telephone follow-up

1.200 € plus VAT

French departments 06 & 83 : travel expenses offered
Other departments in Metropolitan France: travel package 200 € plus VAT
Outside Metropolitan France: travel expenses rebilled to the actual costs (on estimate).

Contact us

[1Full settlement with the order

[2The daily rates are decreasing according to the duration.
Terms of Payment :

  • 30% + possible travel expenses to the order
  • balance 10 days after submission of the report