We help hotel chains

  • to rationalize their technological puzzle
  • to find the global vision of their technology
  • to help them transform their IT and culture to become customer centric native
  • to help them (re)define their customer journey
  • to help them eliminate friction points
  • to accompany them in the conduct & implementation of the project

We help service providers: technology vendor, startup, service provider ...

  • to rationalize their products
  • to ensure the product-maturity of the market
  • to identify new growth levers
  • to improve their marketing & their communication
  • to industrialize the processes: on-boarding, training, support,
  • ...

And accompany them in the long term ...

We help investors & funds

  • to ensure the product-(maturity of the) market
  • to analyze the current company strategy in terms of products and/or market
  • to analyze the friction points
  • to identify how "we" are different from competitors
  • to suggest growth levers

It is sometimes better to spend a few thousand euros before launching a project than to realize on the way that the project has no future, having spent hundreds or millions of euros.


Your project is one of a kind, so there is little point in focusing on a daily rate.

The right question is not "how much is this going to cost?" but "how much will it generate?".