Hôtel Conseil is a brand created in 2001 by Guilain Denisselle for his consulting activities. Over time, and taking into account his experiences, he specialized in the topics of technology and distribution in the hotel and tourism industry.

Fan of the theory "the wheel already exists, no need to reinvent it", Guilain Denisselle brings pragmatic and modular solutions to his customers.


The first hotel portal with real-time hotel booking Guilain Denisselle collaborated with dates back to 1995. Since then he has worked, accompanied or been associated with numerous companies including ReservIT, Topsys, Availpro (rebranded as D-Edge in 2019), Worldres, RatesToGo (bought by Cendant became Orbitz in 2003 and bought by Expedia in 2015) and many more ...

He has a rare 360 ° hotel experience: Operations, PMS, CRS, OTA, Business Travel and Consulting.

Finally, he has contributed modestly to several projects and associations including Hospitality Technology Next Generation where for nearly 14 years he has been the volunteer representative in Europe, an association that has largely helped to modernize the technological environment by paving the way for new challenges, such as tokenizing customer payment data in the electronic distribution chain.

Who are his clients?

  • Investment funds seeking to invest in technology
  • Hoteliers or hotel groups that need to accelerate their digitization or rationalize their digital tools that became invasive
  • Technology providers seeking to adapt to the French or European hotel market
  • B2B & B2C hospitality distribution companies
  • startups

Where are his customers?

In Europe, North America and the Middle East.

His PMS study

Guilain Denisselle has listed approx. 50 PMS available on the French market

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